Konstantin Olmezov


MIPT, Moscow
Research interests:

Arithmetic combinatorics, convex sequences structure


Short Bio

I was born in Ukraine on 1995. I graduated from Donetsk national technical university on 2016 by programming specialization. At the same time in 2014-2015 I studied one year in Yandex School of data analysis, but left when my interests parted with subsequent education material.

In 2018 I change specialization and entered to the master's program at MIPT about combinatorial analysis. My interests is concentrated in arithmetic combinatorics and my magister disertation is related to convex sequences structure.

Lab videos


Submitted papers

  1. K. I. Olmezov, A. S. Semchankau, I. D. Shkredov
    On popular sums and differences of sets with small products, accepted for publication in Mat. Zametki
  2. K. I. Olmezov
    Additive properties of convex sets with small rates of growth, pending in Mat. Zametki
  3. K. I. Olmezov
    An elementary approach to the operator method in additive combinatorics, pending in Mat. Zametki

Journal publications

  1. K. I. Olmezov,