Video Lectures

Video lectures

Video lectures:

Oleg Musin
Sphere packings in low dimensions (in Russian)
The lecture by Oleg Rustamovich Musin that took place on December 20, 2019 as a part of Mathematical Workshop of the School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at MIPT
Gábor Tardos
Extremal theory of vertex- and edge-ordered graphs
Mini-course by Gábor Tardos. Two lectures were part of the "Combinatorics and Geometry Days I" conference on November 26-27, and the last one took place on November 28.
István Tomon
Intersection graphs of geometric objects
The two-lecture course by István Tomon that took place on 29 November and 2 December 2019
István Tomon
Turán number of bipartite graphs with no $K_{t,t}$
At the Сonference “Combinatorics and Geometry Days I” at MIPT, 27 November 2019