Video Lectures

Video lectures

Video lectures:

David Conlon
Recent progress in extremal graph theory
David Conlon on Big Seminar, May 28, 2020.
Oleg R. Musin
Sphere Packings in Four Dimensions
The talk by Oleg R. Musin on Big Seminar on May 7, 2020
Bhargav Narayanan
Finding homeomorphs
The talk by Bhargav Narayanan on Big Seminar on April 30, 2020
Oleg Musin
Sphere packings in low dimensions (in Russian)
The lecture by Oleg Rustamovich Musin that took place on December 20, 2019 as a part of Mathematical Workshop of the School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at MIPT
Gábor Tardos
Extremal theory of vertex- and edge-ordered graphs
Mini-course by Gábor Tardos. Two lectures were part of the "Combinatorics and Geometry Days I" conference on November 26-27, and the last one took place on November 28.
István Tomon
Intersection graphs of geometric objects
The two-lecture course by István Tomon that took place on 29 November and 2 December 2019
István Tomon
Turán number of bipartite graphs with no $K_{t,t}$
At the Сonference “Combinatorics and Geometry Days I” at MIPT, 27 November 2019