Laboratory of combinatorial and geometric structures


We are the Laboratory of Combinatorial and Geometric Structures, opened in September 2019 at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. The members of the lab work on different theoretical questions in the fields of Combinatorics, Discrete and Computational Geometry, and Theoretical Сomputer Science.

Head of the laboratory: Prof. János Pach

Vice-head: Dr. Andrey Kupavskii

Assistant head: Dr. Alexandr Polyanskii

Recent video lectures:

Recent video lectures:

István Tomon
Intersection graphs of geometric objects
The two-lecture course by István Tomon that took place on 29 November and 2 December 2019
István Tomon
Turán number of bipartite graphs with no $K_{t,t}$
At the Сonference “Combinatorics and Geometry Days I” at MIPT, 27 November 2019

Recent events:

событие November 26-28 MIPT Arctic Building

Mini-course by Gábor Tardos "Extremal theory of vertex- and edge-ordered graphs"

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событие November 29, December 2 MIPT Arctic and Main Building

Lectures by István Tomon "Intersection graphs of geometric objects"

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