Dmitriy Zakharov

Photo by Sergei Kiselev, Oxford Math. Institute


MIPT, Moscow
Research interests:

Extremal combinatorics, combinatorial geometry

Short Bio

I was born on June 18 in 2000 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. In 2012 I moved to Moscow and in 2018 I graduated from School №179. Currently, I am a student in HSE University, Faculty of Mathematics, and a researcher in MIPT.

Lab videos


Submitted papers

  1. Dmitriy Zakharov

Journal publications

  1. Kupavskii Andrey, and Dmitriy Zakharov,
    The right acute angles problem? European Journal of Combinatorics 89 (2020): 103144.
  2. Dmitriy Zakharov,
    Chromatic numbers of Kneser-type graphs Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 172 (2020): 105188.
  3. Dmitriy Zakharov,
    Chromatic Numbers of Some Distance Graphs Mathematical Notes 107.1 (2020): 238-246.
  4. Dmitriy Zakharov,
    Acute sets Discrete & Computational Geometry 61.1 (2019): 212-217.
  5. Dmitriy Zakharov, and A. M. Raigorodskii,
    Clique-chromatic numbers of graphs of intersections Math. Notes 105.1 (2019): 138-140.
  6. Kupavskii Andrey, and Dmitriy Zakharov,
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