‪Géza Tóth “Disjointness graphs of short polygonal chains” | Big Seminar

February 24, 2022
19.00 MSK (UTC +3)
Talk on Big Seminar

‪Géza Tóth "Disjointness graphs of short polygonal chains"

‪Géza Tóth from Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics will give the talk "Disjointness graphs of short polygonal chain" on the labs' Big Seminar.

The talk will be held in zoom
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The disjointness graph of a set system is a graph whose vertices are the sets, two being connected by an edge if and only if they are disjoint. It is known that the disjointness graph $G$ of any system of segments in the plane is $\chi$-bounded, that is, its chromatic number $\chi(G)$ is upper bounded by a function of its clique number $\omega(G)$.

We show that this statement does not remain true for systems of polygonal chains of length $2$. Moreover, for polygonal chains of length $3$ the disjointness graph have arbitrarily large girth and chromatic number. We discuss some other, related results.

Joint work with János Pach and Gábor Tardos.

Watch the video:

Everyone is invited to attend. The language of the lecture is English. The event is aimed at master and graduate students, as well as researchers in the field of combinatorics.